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Run unlocker and restore the qcn file

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Drivers are required for the Orange Monte Carlo to communicate with your computer. Follow the simple steps below to install the drivers.

  1. Make sure your phone is still in FTM mode, and connected to your computer.
  2. From your computer, download to your Deskop.
  3. Once completed, extract (or files-to-unlock) to your Desktop. It should create a folder named Unlock
  4. Open the folder Unlock
  5. Open download.exe (or download). (You may get the error message "is a ATAPI device, we don't detect it". Just click OK. The error message may pop up twice.)
  6. ATAPI error
    You may get this error. Just click OK.
  7. You should see a big START button with READY in green text below it. If you do not see READY, see troubleshooting below.
  8. download.exe ready
    If you do not see READY, see troubleshooting below.
  9. Click the START button, and wait till you get the message "Download Successful!". This may take up to 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes, your phone's sreen will go blank, vibrate and restart, and then go back to FTM mode.
  10. download.exe ready
    Wait until you see "Download Successful!"
  11. Once you get the message "Download Successful", close all windows. Keep your phone connected to your computer, still in FTM mode.
  12. From your computer, click the Windows Start button -> All Programs -> QPST -> QPST Configuration.
  13. Open QPST Configuration
    Click the Windows Start button -> All Programs -> QPST -> QPST Configuration
  14. Click the Ports tab.
  15. Click the only COM device.
  16. Click the Enable button.
  17. QPST Port Enable
    Click the Ports tab, then the only COM device, and then click the Enable button.
  18. Click Start Clients -> Software Download
  19. Start Software Download QPST
    Click Start Clients -> Software Download
  20. Click the Restore tab.
  21. Client the second Browse button.
  22. A new browse window will open. Select the file backupmonte (or backupmonte.qcn). It should be saved on your Desktop. It's the same file you backed up from the previous page.
  23. Click the Start button (next to the Abort button).
  24. QPST Restore
  25. Your phone will eventually vibrate and reboot. This may take up to 10 minutes.
  26. Once your phone has booted as normal, it should be unlocked! You may now use any SIM card on any network. You can now disconnect your phone from your computer. If you wish, you may delete all files you downloaded from the guide and uninstall QPST. If you found this guide useful, or need some further assistance, please go to the next page and drop us a comment.